• All types of industrial tools can be treated with improvement in life from about 100% to 600%.

  • Cutting tools such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping, hobbing &gear cutting tools can be treated. (of HSS, carbides and other steels)

  • Press toolings like punches, dies, progressive dies, shears, slitters etc.

  • Non Consumable Welding Rods made of tungsten and copper can also be treated for long tife.

  • Carbide tools and Carbide Inserts last longer and production is speeded up as a result of lower downtime and better heat dissipation. (This is because of the fact that the cobalt based binders in the inserts are strengthened thereby increasing the edge holding capacity more and also increasing strength of the insert / carbide)

After 30 years of military and aerospace usage, this process is now affordable for industrial and commercial applications.