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Increased the life of Progressive press tool from 50,000 hits to 2,50,000 hits. Ratio of 5.00

- Sheet Metal Component Manufacturer


Improved life of HSS Single point cutting tool from 5 pieces/regrind to 16 pieces/regrind. Improvement Ratio of 3.2

- Toolbit Manufacturer


Improved Fuel efficiency and pickup of motorcycle by cryo-treating spark plugs.

- biking enthusiat


HSS drill used on alloy steel lasted from 10 pieces to 46 pieces.

-Autocomponent Manufacturer


Increased life of Lamination Stamping of rotor and stator Dies from 60,000 hits to 2,00,000 hits. Improvement ratio of 3.33

- Motor Manufacturer


Improved life of Flat Thread rolling dies for high tensile fasteners from 2,50,000 pieces to 10,00,000 pieces

- Major High tensile fastener manufacturer


Improved wear resistance and prevented cracking of Dies for cold heading operation. life went up from 425 pieces to 900 pieces

- Bearing Manufacturer


Increased the wear life of chain saw chain by over 400%

- A major chain saw manufacturer