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"Quickforg" the forging software

"QuickForg" is an premier engineering software for cold forming stage layout, load and energy calculations, Tool Design guidelines and tool steel selection

"QuickForg" is easy to use and runs under Windows. Drop down menus and clear graphics make it quick and easy to use and analyse results

"QuickForg" Advantages :

  • Create, Edit, save Jobs. Open them to use later
  • Create new stage layout with help of large stage layout library
  • Guidelines for design of tools and Dies
  • Quick and Easy calculations of forging loads and energy required
  • Build your own custom stage layout library

An aid to Tool Designers for developing new products for cold forging in systematic ways. "QuickForg" is a valuable aid for engineers who design cold forming tools. It saves time and helps take the guess work out of difficult design and analysis

It consist of Six Modules

  • Volume / Weight calculation and stage layout planning.
  • Load and Energy calculation for different forging operation.
  • Calculating Mid-Upset Dimension.
  • Design Factors - Guide Lines for Cold Forging and Limitation of Cold Forging
  • Parts Library – Stage layouts for hundreds of Fasteners and Cold Forged Parts.
  • Design parameters for Cold Forming Tools  – also includes Tool Steel Selection and their Heat Treatments, Single or Double Ring Press Fit calculation for forging dies.

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