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This remarkable process gives musicians two benefits.


First, musically they now enjoy richer and more centered tones in saxophones, darker and rounder sounds from horns, expanded registers, improved pitch centering and more. Additional reports include more resonant tones, excellent overall response borders, better center pitch, and increased upper ranges.


The second benefit is more subtle, but just as beneficial. The cryogenic processing smoothes the mechanical moving pieces like slides and valves. This reduces fatigue, gives faster actions and, combined with the improved tonality, can give you the edge whether you play for pleasure, competitively or professionally.


Cryogenic processing literally changes the molecular structure of materials like brass and steel. This slow, dry process is so gentle, we process light bulbs. Your instruments will end up with a more homogeneous material due to the transformation that takes place at -190°C (-310°F) and below. Your instruments would would not be alteed in any way.